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Sara   /   November 14, 2012

 Source: Teen Vogue |  Written By: Sierra Tishgart |  Published On: 14 November 2012 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Nintendo, Writing, Singing

The 26-year-old actress tells us why she’s a fan of the new Nintendo 3DS Art Academy game and how she expresses herself through singing, painting, and screenwriting. We’ve seen Dianna Agron sing, dance, and throw slushies on Glee as Quinn Fabary, but we didn’t know that the Georgia-bred actress is also a visual artist in her own right. In her spare time, Dianna paints and takes photographs, and she’s working on getting her screenplay made into a feature film. Nintendo’s interactive Art Academy game, which teaches real-life art techniques using a stylus and touch-screen based tools, is a perfect outlet for Dianna’s creative pursuits—so it’s fitting that she’s fronting the campaign. We spoke to Dianna about her return to Glee for the Thanksgiving episode (airing Nov. 29) and dreams of starring in a Broadway show.

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