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Sara   /   October 29, 2015

 Source: InStyle |  Written By: Lindsay Dolak |  Published On: 29 October 2015 |  Type: Article |  Filed Under: Bare

Dianna Agron is pushing herself into new territory in the dark fantasy, Bare, out Oct. 30. The drama, which first premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, stars the Glee alum as a naive small-town girl in Nevada named Sarah Barton, whose world bursts wide open when she meets the drifter Pepper (Paz de la Huerta). What follows is a journey through illicit drugs, seedy sex clubs, and troubling relationships.
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Sara   /   July 26, 2013

 Source: InStyle |  Written By: |  Published On: 26 July 2013 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Activism

These days it seems every celebrity has an online presence, whether they’re sending selfies of a haircut into cyberspace or tweeting about a just-wrapped movie. But Dianna Agron uses social media in a truly inspired way. On her blog, You, Me & Charlie (one of Agron’s nicknames), the actress promotes emerging artists, and for her birthday, fans rally to give to her favorite charities. (Followers have raised more than $18,000 for organizations like GLAAD and the Trevor Project.) Now she’s trumpeting another worthy endeavor: Somaly Mam Foundation. Led by its co-founder, Somaly Mam, who as a girl survived years of forced prostitution, SMF works with governments to bring an end to the global sex trade while financially supporting other programs that run medical clinics and recovery centers and send outreach workers into brothels. Last winter Agron toured two of the shelters to see their good works for herself. The experience left her with one question: What more can I do to help? Scroll down for the exclusive interview with Agron and find out how you can help, too. For more, turn to page 73 of the recent issue, now available on newsstands or downloadable for your tablet. Read More