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Sara   /   May 26, 2011

 Source: Fanbolt |  Written By: Emma Loggins |  Published On: 26 May 2011 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: I Am Number Four

The beautiful and talented Dianna Agron sits down for an interview about her role in I Am Number Four, the exciting action adventure, starring Alex Pettyfer and Teresa Palmer. Directed by D.J. Caruso, Pettyfer plays John Smith (Number Four) a fugitive from outer space who is on the run from ruthless extraterrestrial enemies who are out to destroy him. Agron plays the girl he falls in love with, while Palmer plays Number Six, a tough, feisty and very sexy young woman who is also from a distant planet.
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Sara   /   March 01, 2011

 Source: Teen Vogue |  Written By: Tommy Wesely |  Published On: 1 March 2011 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: I am Number Four

Until recently Dianna Agron was mostly known for sitting atop a pyramid of Cheerios as reformed ice queen Quinn Fabray on Glee. But this month the actress brings her talents to the big-screen with sci-fi adventure I am Number Four (also starring Alex Pettyfer, Callan McAuliffe, and Teresa Palmer). The busy 24-year-old found time to chat with Teen Vogue about hitting the road (again) with New Directions, her upcoming storyline with Lea Michele, and her not-so-secret music addiction.

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Sara   /   February 25, 2011

 Source: Seventeen |  Written By: Neha Gandhi |  Published On: 25 February 2011 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: I Am Number Four, Glee

The Glee star dishes on her new movie, life after the Cheerios, and the Sam-Finn-Quinn love triangle! Dianna Agron is so much more than just the pregnant Cheerio from Glee. These days, she’s a movie star (who happens to do her own stunts), a music-obsessed blogger, and an all-around busy girl who loves working hard (but just don’t try to rob her of her beauty sleep!). She took a break from her crazy schedule to talk to Seventeen about I Am Number Four, Glee, and what she really thinks about Quinn’s impossible love triangle.
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Sara   /   February 17, 2011

 Source: CineMovie |  Written By: Cinemovie Staff |  Published On: 17 February 2011 |  Type: Article |  Filed Under: I Am Number Four

Being on a hit television series certainly opened doors for Glee’s Dianna Agron who stars in I AM NUMBER FOUR but she still finds herself fighting for roles. Dianna Agron hits the big screen in her first-starring role as Sarah in the suspense thriller I AM NUMBER FOUR with Alex Pettyfer this February. She plays the love interest to John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) aka Number Four, an extraordinary man with special abilities on the run from his ruthless enemies.
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Sara   /   February 03, 2011

 Source: Collider |  Written By: Christina Radish |  Published On: 3 February 2011 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: I Am Number Four, Glee

Actress Dianna Agron is best known to audiences as Quinn, the cheerleader turned singer, on the hit Fox television series Glee, which recently received a Golden Globe Award, People’s Choice Award and an Emmy. Now, she is also hitting the big screen in the suspense thriller I Am Number Four, in which she plays Sarah, the once popular high school cheerleader whose passion for photography has turned her into something of an outcast. When Sarah meets John Smith (Alex Pettyfer), upon his arrival in the small Ohio town of Paradise, they have an immediate connection, even though she has no idea that he’s really one of nine aliens sent to Earth because of the destruction of his own planet.
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Sara   /   January 19, 2011

 Source: Elle Canada |  Written By: Alannah O’Neill |  Published On: 19 January 2011 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: 

Dianna Agron laughs easily, loves Audrey Hepburn and looks like she could be in a Neutrogena commercial—in other words, she seems like half the twentysomethings on any college campus. Instead, she’s at the centre of one of the biggest cultural juggernauts around. Agron (it barely needs noting) plays celibacy-club-president-turned-impregnated-cheerleader Quinn Fabray on Glee, the massive TV phenomenon that has spawned world tours and flash mobs and surpassed The Beatles for the most songs to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. According to Agron, the show’s success can be chalked up to the power of its underdog message. “People connect with the show because everyone has awkward or uncomfortable moments,” she says. “There’s beauty in that. Life isn’t perfect.”
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