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Sara   /   September 03, 2015

 Source: Elle Magazine |  Written By: Julie Schott |  Published On: 3 September 2015 |  Type: Article/Interview |  Filed Under: Beauty, Hair

As someone whose face elicits at least one “what’s wrong?” a day, I’ve always been fascinated by people with resting LOL-face. Actress Dianna Agron for example, makes a Lakers game look like an Amy Schumer show—granted, sitting next to Schumer herself might help. “The photographer tells whatever story they want,” Agron says when we meet at a recent event for Dr. Jart’s Dermask collection. “If they catch you when you’re smiling, you look like a happy child, and if they get you when you’re yelling, you look like a psychopath.”
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Sara   /   January 19, 2012

 Source: Refinery 29 |  Written By: Neha Gandhi |  Published On: 19 January 2012 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: 

Ever wonder what it might be like to be BFFs with a celeb? We don’t mean go-on-reality-TV-and-be-ridiculous friends, but more like hang-out-and-talk-about-real-things friends, just with someone who happens to be famous. Us, too. And, as it turns out, Glee star Dianna Agron is giving us a little peek at that life, with her new site You Me & Charlie (according to Agron, that’s the the imaginary space between you and me).
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Sara   /   May 05, 2011

 Source: Hollywood Life |  Written By: Hollywood Life Staff |  Published On: 5 May 2011 |  Type: Article |  Filed Under: Hair

Dianna rocks a flippy little pony on ‘Glee’ but her Met Ball do was something else altogether — and her hairstylist tells HollywoodLife.com how you can get her look! Dianna Agron, 25, stepped out of her cheerleader persona to reveal a mature and sophisticated adult at the Met Ball on May 2. Here’s our exclusive chat with Sarah Potempa, the talented hairstylist who created her sleek ponytail!
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