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Sara   /   August 18, 2015

 Source:  |  Written By: Lauren Levinson |  Published On: 18 August 2015 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Beauty

Dianna Agron, aka Quinn Fabray from Glee, has aspirational skin. I saw her porcelain and poreless perfection up close when I interviewed her at an event celebrating Dr. Jart’s new Dermask collection. The lineup of nine single-use face sheet masks is meant to target specific areas (laugh lines, neck, cheek, and eye) as well as conditions (firmness, hydration, breakouts). And Dianna is a fan. During our chat, she discussed her experimental side, how she keeps her skin so damn clear, and why she is excited to turn the big 3-0. Keep reading to get detailed beauty advice from Dianna!
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Sara   /   March 20, 2015

 Source: Hello Magazine |  Written By: Hello Magazine |  Published On: 20 March 2015 |  Type: Article |  Filed Under: McQueen

On American drama Glee Dianna Agron sang and danced her way through several seasons, and now the 28-year-old actress will be singing and dancing her way to the West End. Dianna surprised her Twitter followers with the announcement on Friday, revealing: “Feels so wonderful to finally be able to say…this is happening. #McqueenThePlay.” McQueen the play will mark Dianna’s stage debut. Loosely baed on the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, the play is a fictional tale of Dahlia, a fan who breaks into the designer’s home to steal a dress and is caught by Alexander.
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Sara   /   November 18, 2013

 Source: The Irish Independent |  Written By: Julia Molony |  Published On: 18 November 2013 |  Type: |  Filed Under: The Family, Glee, Cory

Dianna Agron’s career has thus far placed her so firmly in the high-school experience that sometimes it’s easy to forget that she’s not actually a teenager at all, but 27 years old. “I am, a bit of a woman now, I’d like to think,” she jokes, putting on a mock-cockney accent. It’s a gentle reminder and a timely one. Mainstream audiences know her best as Quinn Fabray, the pert, acid-tongued cheerleader, and teen mom from Glee. Now, in her most high-profile role since leaving the show, she’s back in school, though this time in France. She’s the young daughter of an ex-mobster (played by Robert De Niro) and his glamorous moll wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) struggling to adapt to her new surroundings in Normandy, to where the family have moved incognito while under the witness protection programme.
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Sara   /   November 15, 2012

 Source: Celebuzz |  Written By: Crystal Bell |  Published On: 15 November 2012 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Glee, The Family, Nintendo

Dianna Agron is the best friend we all wish we had. She’s loves cat gifs, Yoshi and is full of sound advice and sisterly wisdom. The star of FOX’s Glee even loves video games, especially ones that can fit in her purse. Although the newly-minted Nintendo ambassador admits she hasn’t decorated her shiny red Nintendo 3DS just yet, she wouldn’t be opposed to adding a few stickers, preferably ones with cats on them.
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Sara   /   November 14, 2012

 Source: Teen Vogue |  Written By: Sierra Tishgart |  Published On: 14 November 2012 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Nintendo, Writing, Singing

The 26-year-old actress tells us why she’s a fan of the new Nintendo 3DS Art Academy game and how she expresses herself through singing, painting, and screenwriting. We’ve seen Dianna Agron sing, dance, and throw slushies on Glee as Quinn Fabary, but we didn’t know that the Georgia-bred actress is also a visual artist in her own right. In her spare time, Dianna paints and takes photographs, and she’s working on getting her screenplay made into a feature film. Nintendo’s interactive Art Academy game, which teaches real-life art techniques using a stylus and touch-screen based tools, is a perfect outlet for Dianna’s creative pursuits—so it’s fitting that she’s fronting the campaign. We spoke to Dianna about her return to Glee for the Thanksgiving episode (airing Nov. 29) and dreams of starring in a Broadway show.

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Sara   /   November 13, 2012

 Source: Clevver |  Written By: Stacy Hinojosa |  Published On: 13 November 2012 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Glee, Nintendo, The Family

We had a hunch Dianna Agron would like one of our Teen.com kitten stickers and we were right. “Don’t like it,” she said while choosing her Instagram filter. “Love it.” We had a chance to talk with the newly-minted Nintendo ambassador on a rare rainy day in Los Angeles last week to talk about Nintendo’s Play As You Are campaign work with their games, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone. Dianna is an avid photographer since high school and created the artistic site You, Me and Charlie so her interest, particularly in the latter of those two games, makes perfect sense.
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Sara   /   November 08, 2012

 Source: SheKnows |  Written By: Natasha Shankar |  Published On: 8 November 2012 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Glee, Nintendo, The Family

When you were 26, could you say you were on a hit series, doing commercials for gaming legend Nintendo and starring in a movie with renowned actor Robert De Niro? Dianna Agron is a refreshing and talented Hollywood actress, isn’t she? With her classic style and beauty, along with her undeniable talent, she has had many successes already at such an early age.
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Sara   /   September 14, 2011

 Source: Digital Spy |  Written By: Catriona Wightman |  Published On: 14 September 2011 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Glee

With Glee’s third season just around the corner, who better to speak to than the show’s stars? First up are the lovely Dianna Agron and Kevin McHale, who you might know better as Quinn and Artie. Read on to find out what the duo had to say to reporters about their hopes for season three, those graduation rumours and what it was like for Dianna to film a slap with Lea Michele…
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Sara   /   May 20, 2011

 Source: Rolling Stone |  Written By: Erik Hedegaard |  Published On: 20 May 2011 |  Type: Article |  Filed Under: Glee

You’d really think that those kids on Glee would be super-duper extra-special entertaining. On TV, they’re dizzyingly fun to watch. They sing. They dance. They lace their bake-sale cupcakes with weed. They get involved in extortion plots involving their panties. They wind up pregnant, even when they’re president of the celibacy club. The show is crazy and camp and has done so well that Fox airs it in one of the most coveted time slots in all of TV: right after American Idol, the very show that paved the way for Glee in the first place. Plus, after only 13 episodes, it has already become a kind of multimedia cash cow. Sales of the songs it covers (among them, Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious,” John Lennon’s “Imagine” and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’”) regularly take the top spots on iTunes. Its first two albums became instant bestsellers. And the upcoming national Glee tour is already selling out. As one TV analyst recently observed, “It’s a merchandising bonanza!”
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Sara   /   April 12, 2011

 Source: Marie Claire |  Written By: Jessica Henderson |  Published On: 12 April 2011 |  Type: Article, Interview |  Filed Under: Glee

With a vise grip on iTunes, a Midas touch in the ratings, and a world-conquering tour this summer, the hardworking, chart-topping, fearless girls of Glee pause to catch their breath. As Quinn, Dianna Agron spends most of her screen time as a cool and calculating cheerleader, but at her first audition, producers didn’t think she was sexy enough. What are the other differences between the actress and her character? And what of those rumors she’s in a relationship with Lea?
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