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Sara   /   October 30, 2017

 Source: Elle |  Written By: Estelle Tang |  Published On: 30 October 2017 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Novitiate

Imagine you’re a young woman in the early 1960s. Your religious beliefs are so powerful that you want to dedicate your life to God as a nun. But your reverend mother superior—who enforces periods of total silence, forbids touch, and encourages her charges to punish themselves with a knotted flogger—begins hiding secrets from her other charges, and they’re messages that might change your life. On the one hand, you’re faithful; on the other hand, the brutality and furtiveness of your leader makes you question everything you believe. What should you do? This is what Dianna Agron’s Novitiate character, Sister Mary Grace, goes through: a reckoning so profound that it might upturn everything she’s achieved so far. Serene on the outside, but troubled on the inside, when a new group of young women enter her care, she begins to question the convent’s methods and what she really wants from life.

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Sara   /   September 03, 2015

 Source: Elle Magazine |  Written By: Julie Schott |  Published On: 3 September 2015 |  Type: Article/Interview |  Filed Under: Beauty, Hair

As someone whose face elicits at least one “what’s wrong?” a day, I’ve always been fascinated by people with resting LOL-face. Actress Dianna Agron for example, makes a Lakers game look like an Amy Schumer show—granted, sitting next to Schumer herself might help. “The photographer tells whatever story they want,” Agron says when we meet at a recent event for Dr. Jart’s Dermask collection. “If they catch you when you’re smiling, you look like a happy child, and if they get you when you’re yelling, you look like a psychopath.”
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