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Sara   /   September 03, 2015

 Source: Tory Daily |  Written By: Tory Daily |  Published On: 3 September 2015 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: L’Américaine

You may know her as Quinn Fabray in Glee or as Robert De Niro’s daughter in The Family, but actress Dianna Agron is pretty skilled as a director, too. She went behind the camera for Tory Burch and filmed L’Américaine, starring Margaret Qualley and Tory’s new Paris Collection. Here, we talk to her about the experience, her favorite spots in the City of Light and her all-time greatest directing icons.
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Sara   /   September 01, 2015

 Source: Marie Claire Italia |  Written By: |  Published On: 2015 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: L’Americaine

NB: Transcribed and translated by Dianna Agron Heaven, some mistakes might occur! | It’s been a couple of years since Glee ended, the musical tv-show that made her famous all over the world, but Dianna Agron seems to not think about it anymore. Except when she gets recognized and hugged by all the loyal fans that follow her since the Glee period, which is happening on the set of L’Américaine in Paris, the short movie she has written and directed for the american designer Tory Burch, whose main character is played by the beautiful Margaret Qualley. Between her directing projects, theatre (she played a character in the London stage McQueen, The Play), new movies and a web magazine directed by herself, she seems to always be full of life.
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