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Sara   /   October 23, 2017

 Source: Coveteur |  Written By: Noah Lehava |  Published On: 23 October 2017 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Novitiate

The Novitiate star on her relationship with religion and spirituality in adulthood, the most challenging part of her role, and the hilarious (tipsy) story from the night she took the part. For Dianna Agron, portraying Sister Mary Grace—a young nun committed to commune life amidst the Vatican II’s reform of the Church in the 1960s in the buzzed-about film Novitiate (out in theaters October 27)—was a serendipitous collision of events. You see, it all came out of a forged friendship between Agron and writer-director Margaret Betts over sidecar martinis (as in 2-for-1) at the Carlyle in Manhattan. That meeting, which ended with a tipsy attendance to Yom Kippur service (we’ll get into that fun tidbit below) and ultimately aligning schedules, set Agron up for one of her most raw performances—a major departure from her peppy Glee days.

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