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Sara   /   April 09, 2018

 Source: Vogue |  Written By: Vogue |  Published On: 9 April 2018 |  Type: Article/Interview |  Filed Under: Beauty

Dianna Agron is just about ready for her close-up. On a winter morning in New York, the Glee star and Novitiate actress steps into her bathroom to get her skin “really glow-y, dewy, hydrated,” three adjectives that read as well on the page as they do on camera. “Everybody feels better when their skin is smooth and radiant,” says Agron, but a knockout complexion is an especially covetable asset for actors. For turns on-screen big or small, “you want someone to be looking at your face, and unless it was an intentional choice for the character, you want to be fresh-faced.” So before she heads off to a shoot, this time for The Laureate in Ireland, she leans into a simple but inarguably effective three-part routine to get her picture-perfect by the time she reaches the bottom of the skin-care bottles. Read More

Sara   /   September 03, 2015

 Source: Elle Magazine |  Written By: Julie Schott |  Published On: 3 September 2015 |  Type: Article/Interview |  Filed Under: Beauty, Hair

As someone whose face elicits at least one “what’s wrong?” a day, I’ve always been fascinated by people with resting LOL-face. Actress Dianna Agron for example, makes a Lakers game look like an Amy Schumer show—granted, sitting next to Schumer herself might help. “The photographer tells whatever story they want,” Agron says when we meet at a recent event for Dr. Jart’s Dermask collection. “If they catch you when you’re smiling, you look like a happy child, and if they get you when you’re yelling, you look like a psychopath.”
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Sara   /   August 24, 2015

 Source: Teen Vogue |  Written By: Emily Gaynor |  Published On: 24 August 2015 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Beauty

When it comes to recent notable TV shows and films revolving around high school, what pops into your mind? Of course, there’s Mean Girls, Awkward, Pretty Little Liars, Easy A. But one of the most followed high school crews in the past years has to be our friends from William McKinley High School in Glee. And in the center of that musical, magical spectacle was, of course, Quinn Fabray, played by Dianna Agron. Even though Glee ended its run, Dianna will forever be the popular cheerleader singing and dancing her way through the halls. But did you know that Dianna wasn’t even a teenager when the show was on the air? And even now, as she approaches 30, she still manages to look as glowy and fresh as she did in her teen role. We caught up with the singer/actress to talk all things health and beauty. And to find out her secret to maintaining that impeccably gorgeous skin. It turns out that even though she’s killing it on the stage and on the big screen, she’s all about pausing for spa nights with her besties.
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Sara   /   August 18, 2015

 Source:  |  Written By: Lauren Levinson |  Published On: 18 August 2015 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Beauty

Dianna Agron, aka Quinn Fabray from Glee, has aspirational skin. I saw her porcelain and poreless perfection up close when I interviewed her at an event celebrating Dr. Jart’s new Dermask collection. The lineup of nine single-use face sheet masks is meant to target specific areas (laugh lines, neck, cheek, and eye) as well as conditions (firmness, hydration, breakouts). And Dianna is a fan. During our chat, she discussed her experimental side, how she keeps her skin so damn clear, and why she is excited to turn the big 3-0. Keep reading to get detailed beauty advice from Dianna!
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Sara   /   January 29, 2015

 Source: W Magazine |  Written By: Sue Williamson |  Published On: 29 January 2015 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Beauty

With packed social and work calendars and her new film Zipper making the festival rounds, Dianna Agron knows a thing or two about looking great on the go. We caught up with the actress at Birchbox’s Sundance Pop-Up, where she shared her tips for glowing skin, secrets to finding great mascara, and how to stay glam on the go.
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Sara   /   May 08, 2014

 Source: Haaretz |  Written By: Haaretz |  Published On: 8 May 2014 |  Type: Article |  Filed Under: Beauty

Three nice Jewish girls in the top 10 on FHM magazine’s list: Emily Ratajkowski, Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson. Not every Jewish mother would get naches from seeing her daughter in FHM magazine, but who can avoid feeling tribal pride in the fact that, of the 100 women listed in the mag’s latest “Official 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2014” list, 10 are nice Jewish girls? Not only that, but the Jewish winners snagged three out of the top 10 (or 33 percent) spots, which confirms, as Jewish Business News put it, that “you really can have a sexy Jewish girlfriend, and wife too, all in the same package after all.”
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Sara   /   September 13, 2013

 Source: Byrdie |  Written By: Britt Aboutaleb |  Published On: 13 September 2013 |  Type: Article |  Filed Under: Beauty, Fashion

f you want to shake things up as an actress, there’s really no better plan than going from bubbly, kind of bitchy cheerleader on Glee to daughter of a mobster in a Robert De Niro movie (The Family, out today). So if Dianna Agron’s up for change, we thought, we’re going to give it to her. In today’s editorial the actress goes a little goth, sporting the deepest darkest shades of Bordeaux on her nails, lips, cheeks, and eyes. “I would only wear dark lipstick like this on a very special occasion,” Agron says. “And be prepared to not be kissed all night!”

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