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Sara   /   June 11, 2015

 Source: I-D: Vice |  Written By: Tish Weinstock |  Published On: 11 June 2015 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: McQueen

We catch up with the actress to talk darkness, death, and the struggles of an artist. Best known for her role as popular cheerleader, Quinn Fabray, in high school musical drama Glee, Dianna Agron is by every account the all American girl next door. She has honey coloured hair, rosy cheeks, and a smile made out of sunshine. That she was cast as the dark and haunting Dahlia, raven haired and angst-ridden, in John Caird’s theatrical production of McQueen, is about as bewitching as the play itself, and yet it’s a role she pulls off seamlessly.

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Sara   /   June 03, 2015

 Source: Official London Theatre |  Written By: |  Published On: 3 June 2015 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: McQueen

The transformation in Dianna Agron is striking. On stage in McQueen at the St James Theatre, gone are the flowing golden locks of Quinn Fabray, the singing cheerleader from musical TV sensation Glee, for which she is best known. Instead, London has a noir-ish, broody, bobbed and almost unrecognisable Agron making her professional stage debut. “I had to convince the creative team that was the way we should go,” Agron tells me when we manage to briefly snatch a conversation, which is not the easiest thing to arrange given the US star’s hectic schedule of rehearsals, performance and engagements. “They didn’t want me to have a wig. There were a few people on the team that envisioned me with my blonde hair pulled up. That is not the character. She’s this dark, broken girl. I just don’t envision Alexander [McQueen] conjuring up this little blonde girl with a bun on top of her head.”

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Sara   /   May 14, 2015

 Source: The Telegraphy |  Written By: Craig McLean |  Published On: 14 May 2015 |  Type: Article/Interivew |  Filed Under: McQueen

As the Glee star prepares for her UK theatrical debut, she talks to Craig McLean about Alexander McQueen, nudity, and exploitation in the film industry. It’s Sunday afternoon in a deserted office near Covent Garden. And having already put in a six-day week in a theatre rehearsal studio, Dianna Agron is working again. Agron, 29, is already a darling of the vast teen fanbase of Glee, the US series about a Midwestern high school singing troupe in which she played bitchy cheerleader Quinn Fabray (shown on Fox in America and E4 and Sky over here). Now the 29-year-old from San Francisco is about to be introduced to British theatre audiences as the star of a new play about the late British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, and so mustard keen is she to publicise it she is using her only day off to undertake a photoshoot and interview with the Telegraph.

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Sara   /   March 20, 2015

 Source: Hello Magazine |  Written By: Hello Magazine |  Published On: 20 March 2015 |  Type: Article |  Filed Under: McQueen

On American drama Glee Dianna Agron sang and danced her way through several seasons, and now the 28-year-old actress will be singing and dancing her way to the West End. Dianna surprised her Twitter followers with the announcement on Friday, revealing: “Feels so wonderful to finally be able to say…this is happening. #McqueenThePlay.” McQueen the play will mark Dianna’s stage debut. Loosely baed on the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, the play is a fictional tale of Dahlia, a fan who breaks into the designer’s home to steal a dress and is caught by Alexander.
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