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Sara   /   October 26, 2017

 Source: Rolling Stone |  Written By: Peter Travers |  Published On: 26 October 2017 |  Type: Review |  Filed Under: Novitiate

Don’t mess with Melissa Leo. As Novitiate‘s Reverend Mother Marie St. Claire, the boss lady who calls the shots at the fictional Tennessee convent where this religious drama is based, the actress gives the kind of bravura performance that not only sparks Oscar talk but richly deserves it. She finds the tyrant in this woman of God without neglecting her aching vulnerability as she tries to hold to the ground while the ground keeps shifting.

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Sara   /   October 23, 2017

 Source: Shock Ya |  Written By: Harvey Karten |  Published On: 23 October 2017 |  Type: Review |  Filed Under: Novitiate

Despite the presence of movie characters who claim to be lapsed Catholics, Americans are bigger churchgoers and generally move religious than our friends in Western Europe. Polls have shown that our public will vote for a Black person, a woman, perhaps even Satan himself, but forget about the Oval Office if you’re an out-of-closet atheist or agnostic. While some of us will go to houses of worship every week and others only on the most important holidays, there are folks who make careers out of their religious beliefs. Enter Maggie Betts, who directs and wrote “Novitiate” as her first feature film and took off with the Breakthrough Director’s award for this very film.

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