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Sara   /   April 09, 2018

 Source: Vogue |  Written By: Vogue |  Published On: 9 April 2018 |  Type: Article/Interview |  Filed Under: Beauty

Dianna Agron is just about ready for her close-up. On a winter morning in New York, the Glee star and Novitiate actress steps into her bathroom to get her skin “really glow-y, dewy, hydrated,” three adjectives that read as well on the page as they do on camera. “Everybody feels better when their skin is smooth and radiant,” says Agron, but a knockout complexion is an especially covetable asset for actors. For turns on-screen big or small, “you want someone to be looking at your face, and unless it was an intentional choice for the character, you want to be fresh-faced.” So before she heads off to a shoot, this time for The Laureate in Ireland, she leans into a simple but inarguably effective three-part routine to get her picture-perfect by the time she reaches the bottom of the skin-care bottles. Read More

Sara   /   January 21, 2018

 Source: Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia |  Written By: Aisha Hassan |  Published On: January |  Type: Article/Interview |  Filed Under: General

Dianna Agron and I are in bed together at The Plaza Hotel New York, with a bowl of popcorn balanced between us. Our legs stretch out over pristine white sheets and we face each other as if the secrets at a sleepover are about to pour out. Clothes bags are piled at the foot of the bed, and from the bright-pink Eloise Suite across the corridor, the bustling murmur from the photoshoot seeps into the room.
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Sara   /   November 02, 2017

 Source: WWD |  Written By: Leigh Nordstrom |  Published On: 2 November 2017 |  Type: Interview/Article |  Filed Under: Novitiate

In her first major screen role since “Glee,” Dianna Agron is a Sixties Catholic nun in “Novitiate,” a project that has helped her reconnect to her musical roots. Dianna Agron, a recent transplant to New York, has learned through firsthand experience that city living comes with its share of overexposure: if you live near a hotel, you might just catch glimpses of guests in the nude as part of your daily routine. Sitting in the Drawing Room of the Crosby Street Hotel in her SoHo neighborhood, the 31-year-old is safely shielded from her usual (and accidental) views and is instead ready to discuss — what else? — nuns.
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Sara   /   October 30, 2017

 Source: Elle |  Written By: Estelle Tang |  Published On: 30 October 2017 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Novitiate

Imagine you’re a young woman in the early 1960s. Your religious beliefs are so powerful that you want to dedicate your life to God as a nun. But your reverend mother superior—who enforces periods of total silence, forbids touch, and encourages her charges to punish themselves with a knotted flogger—begins hiding secrets from her other charges, and they’re messages that might change your life. On the one hand, you’re faithful; on the other hand, the brutality and furtiveness of your leader makes you question everything you believe. What should you do? This is what Dianna Agron’s Novitiate character, Sister Mary Grace, goes through: a reckoning so profound that it might upturn everything she’s achieved so far. Serene on the outside, but troubled on the inside, when a new group of young women enter her care, she begins to question the convent’s methods and what she really wants from life.

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Sara   /   October 23, 2017

 Source: Coveteur |  Written By: Noah Lehava |  Published On: 23 October 2017 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Novitiate

The Novitiate star on her relationship with religion and spirituality in adulthood, the most challenging part of her role, and the hilarious (tipsy) story from the night she took the part. For Dianna Agron, portraying Sister Mary Grace—a young nun committed to commune life amidst the Vatican II’s reform of the Church in the 1960s in the buzzed-about film Novitiate (out in theaters October 27)—was a serendipitous collision of events. You see, it all came out of a forged friendship between Agron and writer-director Margaret Betts over sidecar martinis (as in 2-for-1) at the Carlyle in Manhattan. That meeting, which ended with a tipsy attendance to Yom Kippur service (we’ll get into that fun tidbit below) and ultimately aligning schedules, set Agron up for one of her most raw performances—a major departure from her peppy Glee days.

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Sara   /   October 29, 2015

 Source: Nylon |  Written By: Meredith Alloway |  Published On: 29 October 2015 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Bare
“Next year I’ll be 30 and I couldn’t be happier. I’m very proud of the woman I’ve become.” We love to hear that from Dianna Agron, especially when discussing her latest film Bare. It’s perhaps her bravest role yet, taking on stripping, her first nude scene, and the sexual and existential liberation of a young girl in Nevada. It’s the desert, drugs, Paz de le Huerta, and a totally trippy adventure of a film. In the film directed by newcomer Natalia Leite, Agron plays Sarah, a woman stuck working at a supermarket, still living at home, and dating a guy she doesn’t even like. When wanderer Pepper (Huerta) crashes on her couch, appearing out of nowhere, they begin a friendship. Pepper’s motives are elusive and she’s clearly a bad influence, giving Sarah drugs and eventually helping her land a job at the local strip club. As dangerous as Pepper may seem, Sarah becomes attracted to her freedom, both sexually and emotionally. As Sarah moves farther away from her tedious past, she will deal with how her decisions affect her future. We recently spoke to Agron about making the move into such risky, new territory, her own rebellion growing up, and her views on the fluidity of sexuality.

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Sara   /   October 28, 2015

 Source: Bust |  Written By: Erika W. Smith |  Published On: 28 October 2015 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Bare

Dianna Agron is a cheerleader no longer. The 29-year-old actress departs from her Glee roots in the new movie Bare, a stunning drama out on Friday, October 30. In Bare, directed by Natalia Leite, Agron plays Sarah, a girl stuck in her small Nevada hometown, bored with her life…until she falls in love with a mysterious drifter named Pepper (Paz de la Huerta) who shows her a new way to look at the world. BUST connected with Dianna via email to talk about Bare, her directing dreams and her resume of LGBT characters.

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Sara   /   September 03, 2015

 Source: Tory Daily |  Written By: Tory Daily |  Published On: 3 September 2015 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: L’Américaine

You may know her as Quinn Fabray in Glee or as Robert De Niro’s daughter in The Family, but actress Dianna Agron is pretty skilled as a director, too. She went behind the camera for Tory Burch and filmed L’Américaine, starring Margaret Qualley and Tory’s new Paris Collection. Here, we talk to her about the experience, her favorite spots in the City of Light and her all-time greatest directing icons.
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Sara   /   September 01, 2015

 Source: Marie Claire Italia |  Written By: |  Published On: 2015 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: L’Americaine

NB: Transcribed and translated by Dianna Agron Heaven, some mistakes might occur! | It’s been a couple of years since Glee ended, the musical tv-show that made her famous all over the world, but Dianna Agron seems to not think about it anymore. Except when she gets recognized and hugged by all the loyal fans that follow her since the Glee period, which is happening on the set of L’Américaine in Paris, the short movie she has written and directed for the american designer Tory Burch, whose main character is played by the beautiful Margaret Qualley. Between her directing projects, theatre (she played a character in the London stage McQueen, The Play), new movies and a web magazine directed by herself, she seems to always be full of life.
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Sara   /   August 28, 2015

 Source: Pret-a-Reporter |  Written By: Kathryn Romeyn |  Published On: 28 August 2015 |  Type: |  Filed Under: L’Américaine

The designer, writer/director Dianna Agron and actress Margaret Qualley dish on the charming ‘An American in Paris’–themed project. To celebrate her recently opened Paris flagship store, Tory Burch designed the Paris Capsule Collection. And to fete that range of fun and flirty sportswear she, along with Glee actress and now writer/director Dianna Agron and The Leftovers actress Margaret Qualley collaborated on a feel-good short film titled L’Américaine, debuting Aug. 31.
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