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Sara   /   November 18, 2013

 Source: The Irish Independent |  Written By: Julia Molony |  Published On: 18 November 2013 |  Type: |  Filed Under: The Family, Glee, Cory

Dianna Agron’s career has thus far placed her so firmly in the high-school experience that sometimes it’s easy to forget that she’s not actually a teenager at all, but 27 years old. “I am, a bit of a woman now, I’d like to think,” she jokes, putting on a mock-cockney accent. It’s a gentle reminder and a timely one. Mainstream audiences know her best as Quinn Fabray, the pert, acid-tongued cheerleader, and teen mom from Glee. Now, in her most high-profile role since leaving the show, she’s back in school, though this time in France. She’s the young daughter of an ex-mobster (played by Robert De Niro) and his glamorous moll wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) struggling to adapt to her new surroundings in Normandy, to where the family have moved incognito while under the witness protection programme.
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Sara   /   October 05, 2013

 Source: Real Style Network |  Written By: RSN |  Published On: 5 October 2013 |  Type: Article |  Filed Under: Herself

With the emotional fifth season of Glee on now, we can’t help but miss Dianna Agron’s sweet voice on the show. Since this blonde cheerleader is missing from the show this season, we decided to take a closer look at the youthful-looking 27-year-old actress. Here are a few facts about the star which we bet are news- to even the most dedicated of her fans:
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Sara   /   September 15, 2013

 Source: Refinery29 |  Written By: Leila Brillson |  Published On: 15 September 2013 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Fashion

Sure, Dianna Agron plays the (not-so) perfect Quinn Fabray on Glee, but the impeccably put together and well-spoken actress is so one-of-us, we had a hard time restraining ourselves from asking her what she was up to later and if we could go with. Like us, she adores exploring new designers, and like us, she freaks out over amazing fashion and beauty. However, unlike us, she can stop traffic with a perfect shade of eyeliner and rock an Osman two-piece like it’s second nature. Sigh.

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Sara   /   September 13, 2013

 Source: Byrdie |  Written By: Britt Aboutaleb |  Published On: 13 September 2013 |  Type: Article |  Filed Under: Beauty, Fashion

f you want to shake things up as an actress, there’s really no better plan than going from bubbly, kind of bitchy cheerleader on Glee to daughter of a mobster in a Robert De Niro movie (The Family, out today). So if Dianna Agron’s up for change, we thought, we’re going to give it to her. In today’s editorial the actress goes a little goth, sporting the deepest darkest shades of Bordeaux on her nails, lips, cheeks, and eyes. “I would only wear dark lipstick like this on a very special occasion,” Agron says. “And be prepared to not be kissed all night!”

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Sara   /   September 12, 2013

 Source: MTV |  Written By: Kase Wickman |  Published On: 12 September 2013 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: The Family

When most people conjure up an image of Dianna Agron, it’s one of her in the halls of McKinley High, the fictitious school whose corridors she graced on five seasons of “Glee.” The hit Fox musical-soap opera hybrid made her a household name playing Quinn Fabray, launching her into feature roles such as “I Am Number Four.” For her latest work, Agron is again in the halls of academe, but this time with a decidedly darker bent.
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Sara   /   August 31, 2013

 Source: NY Post |  Written By: Gregory E. Miller |  Published On: 31 August 2013 |  Type: Article/Interview |  Filed Under: The Family

Dianna Agron is turning icy. She’s perched in a suite at the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Columbus Circle, fitted in a prim Dolce & Gabbana frock, hair pulled back to highlight fresh, glowing cheeks. “Sorry, I’m just going to put this on my legs ’cause I’m cold,” she says, draping a bathrobe over her designer dress. Agron, the 27-year-old blond,hazel-eyed star known for her role as cheerleader Quinn Fabray on “Glee,” also keeps things cool on the big screen in her new mob comedy, “The Family,” out Sept. 13. She plays daughter to Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro, a mafia clan who land in the witness protection program.

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Sara   /   August 01, 2013

 Source: Female.Com.AU |  Written By: |  Published On: August 2013 |  Type: Article |  Filed Under: The Family

After an ex-mob boss snitches on his former cohorts, he and his firecracker wife, their all-American daughter and wanna-be wiseguy son are all forced to relocate to a picturesque village in Normandy where they bring new meaning to the phrase ‘crime family” in Luc Besson’s subversively funny new film, The Family. The critically acclaimed French director takes audiences on an unexpectedly hilarious journey as Giovanni Manzoni, played by Robert De Niro, and his close-knit clan must resort to their old habits in order to navigate life in small town France while staying one step ahead of assassins dispatched by his now incarcerated former colleagues.
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Sara   /   July 26, 2013

 Source: InStyle |  Written By: |  Published On: 26 July 2013 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: Activism

These days it seems every celebrity has an online presence, whether they’re sending selfies of a haircut into cyberspace or tweeting about a just-wrapped movie. But Dianna Agron uses social media in a truly inspired way. On her blog, You, Me & Charlie (one of Agron’s nicknames), the actress promotes emerging artists, and for her birthday, fans rally to give to her favorite charities. (Followers have raised more than $18,000 for organizations like GLAAD and the Trevor Project.) Now she’s trumpeting another worthy endeavor: Somaly Mam Foundation. Led by its co-founder, Somaly Mam, who as a girl survived years of forced prostitution, SMF works with governments to bring an end to the global sex trade while financially supporting other programs that run medical clinics and recovery centers and send outreach workers into brothels. Last winter Agron toured two of the shelters to see their good works for herself. The experience left her with one question: What more can I do to help? Scroll down for the exclusive interview with Agron and find out how you can help, too. For more, turn to page 73 of the recent issue, now available on newsstands or downloadable for your tablet. Read More