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Sara   /   October 05, 2013

 Source: Real Style Network |  Written By: RSN |  Published On: 5 October 2013 |  Type: Article |  Filed Under: Herself

With the emotional fifth season of Glee on now, we can’t help but miss Dianna Agron’s sweet voice on the show. Since this blonde cheerleader is missing from the show this season, we decided to take a closer look at the youthful-looking 27-year-old actress. Here are a few facts about the star which we bet are news- to even the most dedicated of her fans:

Was raised in a hotel: In a 2009 interview with Interview magazine, Agron described her free-spirited childhood growing up in a hotel! The star’s father was the manager of a Hyatt in San Francisco, which gave the curious young Dianna plenty of time to explore her surroundings.

Has a tattoo which reads “Mary had a little lamb”: While her natural good looks and innocent charm are what made Dianna Agron a favourite on the series, the actress has a hidden edgy side as well. In quite a step away from the stereotypical butterfly, the actress has the saying from the timeless nursery rhyme inked onto her side. She explains to Marie Claire how the delicate tattoo pays respect to her mom (whose name is Mary).

Is a longtime fan of Audrey Hepburn: We’re not too surprised to hear this one! Agron’s feminine style, timeless grace, and of course her love for the camera all bring the classic actress to mind, after all. With Hepburn as her celebrity inspiration, the Glee star has managed to maintain her elegant image. She mentions Hepburn’s classic films in a 2012 Marie Claire interview as well.

Loves photography: Multi-talented folks in Hollywood are sometimes a rarity. Luckily, this actress proves herself to be much more than a pretty face with her love of the camera both in front of it- and behind it.

Writes screenplays in her free time: Will a Broadway play written by the Glee cheerleader become a possibility in the near future? We’ll have to wait and find out. In the meantime, this triple threat actress enjoys writing her own screenplays in her free time (according to an article on BroadwayWorld.com on her rising career).

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