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We had a hunch Dianna Agron would like one of our kitten stickers and we were right. “Don’t like it,” she said while choosing her Instagram filter. “Love it.” We had a chance to talk with the newly-minted Nintendo ambassador on a rare rainy day in Los Angeles last week to talk about Nintendo’s Play As You Are campaign work with their games, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone. Dianna is an avid photographer since high school and created the artistic site You, Me and Charlie so her interest, particularly in the latter of those two games, makes perfect sense.

Read on for her thoughts on the recent presidential election, her experience working on the upcoming Malavita, why she came under attack recently from girl gamers, oh yeah, and her return to Glee as the one and only Miss Quinn Fabray.

What were you doing on election night recently? I was watching with bated breath. I’m so happy. To see a man who is so dedicated to our country… being in Europe — I was there for three months filming Malavita — and every time I go to Europe, I’ve noticed that people are really interested in our politics and our infrastructure and know so much about everything and whereas, if you ask any of us who is the president or what is the model of their government, not many would know. And the world really does look up to us in so many ways so to see a man who can stand in front of everybody and really move forward, I’m excited to see what happens.”

How was the experience filming Malavita with Robert De Niro and Michelle Pheiffer? “It was amazing. I knew it was probably going to be Robert [when I signed on], but nothing was 100% set in stone yet. I knew it was probably going to be Michelle and that was exciting, but just to meet Luc Besson, he’s such a hero of mine and I love his films. I walked away with just the most incredible experience. I’m very lucky.”

Did you bring your dog with you while filming Malavita? “No, I couldn’t bring Arthur. I was in Italy first for the film festival and just with immigration to Italy and then straight to set… he wouldn’t have been able to. But I have the most amazing dog sitter in world and she’s like mommy #2 to Arthur and he has all his friends over there and I get picture updates like, ‘This is Arthur in the pond,’ and ‘This is Arthur with his new friend.’ And I came back twice, once was for two days and once was for a week so I got to see him then, but it was incredibly hard. He’s three years old and it was the longest I’ve ever been away from him.”

Tell us about Quinn’s return to Lima. “She comes back for the Thanksgiving episode, it’s all the graduates coming back to say hi to everybody, to each other, and to bond and reconnect and also bond with the new class, with the new kids and be their mentors and help them set up their place in the school and their place in the glee club. It’s a fun episode. There’s some emotional moments. There’s a slap. There’s a couple of slaps actually. I’m so happy I got to sing again — it’s a moment that’s very reminiscent to some moments in season 1. It’s good to bring it all back.”

And what has Quinn been up to at Yale? “Oh she gives a full kind of diatribe of her life at Yale which is very fun and very, oh, I don’t know, not your typical college experience in some ways and in other ways, very typical. I don’t know, I didn’t go to college so I can only pull form my friends experience and stories, but yeah, it gets crazy at college.”

What is Quinn studying? “Studying isn’t the majority of her speech. It’s more about her extra-curricular activities and who she is rubbing elbows with. She feels very mature and sophisticated in this place but it’s very comical to hear it out loud for the character.”

Will Quinn be popping up in future episodes too? “Oh yeah, of course. It’s not just going to be a one episode thing… for now.”

On her new project with Nintendo: “What really drew me to it is that I used to play Nintendo with my brother and this was an opportunity to learn more about the brand now.”

On the game Art Academy: Lessons For Everyone: “I’m always looking for anything artistically inclined. I realized that [the game is] a lot of the same things you learn in art classes like layering techniques.”

What was it like shooting a commercial with your brother? “We have this really friendly competitive nature between the two of us, because it’s just the two of us.”

What about those who criticized your ad for Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (there were comments that her brother solving the puzzle was insulting to girl gamers)? Right. To anybody who would say that, I’d say, ‘Aren’t you supposed to be able to have fun and play with your brother?’ and maybe I’m letting him win. If anyone is taking it that seriously, it was meant to be lighthearted and cute and fun and a way to involve him in something that we used to do together so I’m sorry to anyone who takes it that way, but I can solve my own puzzles too.”.

You got a shout out in the secret liners of Taylor Swift’s RED album. Dish! “I cannot say. I’m really proud of her. She’s doing so well, she’s always done so well, she’s just an incredibly hardworking and talented girl.”

Here’s a fan question. What’s your favorite album ever? “Of all time? That’s impossible. I could never. Yeah, I could never.”

What are you going to be doing for the holidays? “I’ll be with my family up north, a big family reunion. Playing games and staying up late.”

What about future movie roles? Are you reading scripts right now? “Totally. There’s a couple things in the pipeline — it will depend on timing and scheduling and stuff like that, but there’s some very real possibilities. I’m lucky and I just want to keep on working.”

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