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Sara   /   February 25, 2011

 Source: Seventeen |  Written By: Neha Gandhi |  Published On: 25 February 2011 |  Type: Interview |  Filed Under: I Am Number Four, Glee

The Glee star dishes on her new movie, life after the Cheerios, and the Sam-Finn-Quinn love triangle! Dianna Agron is so much more than just the pregnant Cheerio from Glee. These days, she’s a movie star (who happens to do her own stunts), a music-obsessed blogger, and an all-around busy girl who loves working hard (but just don’t try to rob her of her beauty sleep!). She took a break from her crazy schedule to talk to Seventeen about I Am Number Four, Glee, and what she really thinks about Quinn’s impossible love triangle.

17: What do you love best about your character, Sarah, in I Am Number Four

DA: She’s a strong girl. She’s not going to be the one running and hiding as soon as all the madness kicks in. She’s in it until the end. I liked that.

17: What was the coolest thing about working on this movie, for you?

DA: I loved being a night owl. We shot most of the film at night, so my whole schedule got turned upside down, and I loved it.

17: Now on Glee, you’ve gone from one love triangle last season, to a different one this season. What can you tell us about Quinn’s choice between Sam and Finn?

DA: It’s Sophie’s Choice! I think that Quinn doesn’t even know exactly who’s completely right for her, which leads to some of her mistakes. But I will say that there is something with Finn. And unfortunately, because of some of her mistakes, she’s strayed from it, so of course there’s that curiosity sill lingering there. And we’ll see. We’ll see if that’s meant to be. But that’s definitely where her head’s at right now.

17: What’s your favorite performance from this season, so far?

DA: The Rocky Horror “Time Warp” was so much fun for us to do. That was one of my favorites. I especially like the mad costumes and acting somewhat insane. It’s my favorite thing.

17: Now that Quinn’s not a Cheerio, is it weird or freeing, not to be in that red costume anymore?

DA: I prefer having clothes! Our costume designer, Lou Eyrich, she’s amazing. I love actually seeing her, since we have fittings now. She always whips together really great stuff.

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