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Before the Shiva Baby premiere last night, Dianna’s stylists photographed her to do some shots of her make-up, hair and outfit. While this isn’t technically an official photoshoot, they’re pretty enough to be – and we don’t get much content during these pandemic times, so I’ve decided to add them to our photoshoot section! She looks stunning in these, and I can already see them becoming fan favourites. I hope you enjoy them – we’re really being spoiled with lots of new content at the moment!

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Hello Dianna nation! Last night, Dianna and her ‘Shiva Baby’ co-stars attended the premiere of their film in New York, USA. The premiere was held at the William Vale Hotel, and the cast did a Q&A following the screening! I will share some videos later on, but for now, you can find the first 37 high quality photos of Dianna at the event in our gallery – doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Dianna wore a gorgeous Miu Miu outfit, and her makeup was done by Gita Bass and hair by Christopher Naselli. She posted on instagram that she “Never want to take it off. Never”.

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Earlier this month, Lola Adesioye sat down with Emma Seligman, Rachel Sennott & Dianna to discuss their film Shiva Baby (which will be out on VOD and in selected theatres April 2nd). You can watch the full interview below, and screen captures have been added to our gallery! Sadly these are zoom quality and not real HD, but it’s better than no Dianna content ;)

Emma Seligman’s very queer, very Jewish Shiva Baby follows Danielle, who runs into her sugar daddy at a Jewish funeral service with her parents. Told largely within the claustrophobic confines of one house with an unsettling energy, the film dances maniacally, with a caustic Danielle scarcely navigating the trenches of obligatory niceties, as she lurches between the grasp of her doting parents, high-school sweetheart Maya and sugar daddy in attempts to retain a semblance of stability and identity.

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A couple of days ago, Dianna did an interview for ET Canada with Emma Seligman and Rachel Sennott to promote “Shiva Baby”. You can watch Dianna’s parts below thanks to our friend @fellintodianna, and screen captures are up in our gallery!

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With ‘Shiva Baby’ hitting selected theatres and VOD this Friday, Dianna did a zoom interview with Breakfast Television Toronto yesterday morning. She got disconnected for a minute or two, but keep watching, as she eventually gets her computer/wifi sorted ;) You can watch the segment below, and as usual, find screen captures in our gallery! I’m really loving this new hair color.

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Super exciting news, Dianna fans! Our girl has been cast in a new project, the upcoming Mayim Bialik directed film “As Sick as They Made Us”. Dianna will play one of the leading characters Abigail, and will star alongside Simon Helberg as Nathan, Dustin Hoffman as Eugene and Candice Bergen as Barbara. What a cast! Very little information has been released about the film so far, but the official plot line reads: “A divorced mom tries to make peace with her dysfunctional family as she finds a second chance at love.”

Mayim Bialik did an interview with Forbes on February 18 this year, where they wrote the following about the upcoming project: Next, Bialik will be bringing her production knowledge and firsthand experiences surrounding mental illness to the big screen as she adds writer and director to her resume for the feature film As Sick As They Made Us. “I did write a story after my father passed away about growing up in a home with mental illness and how that impacts siblings differently and how it impacts the entire family,” Bialik reveals. She goes on to say that as of now, the project is scheduled to start filming this summer in New Jersey and will star Dustin Hoffman, Candice Bergen, and her Big Bang co-star Simon Helberg. Bialik says of her upcoming filmmaking experience, “It’s very terrifying and exciting. I’ve always viewed things from behind the camera perspective, even as an actor when I was younger. With a mighty director of photography, I’m hoping to create a beautiful story that’s also visually pleasing.”

Dustin, Simon and Candice were cast back in November 2019 alongside Olivia Thirlby (who it seems Dianna has replaced), but I can imagine the pandemic put a pause to the remaining casting and production. I’ve posted an article Deadline shared about the project back in 2019 when it was first announced for those interested!

Deadline – EXCLUSIVE: We can reveal that Mayim Bialik, known for her role as Amy in The Big Bang Theory, is set to make her directing debut on comedy-drama As Sick As They Made Us and has gathered a starry cast for the pic. Starring are Dustin Hoffman, Candice Bergen, Olivia Thirlby (Juno), and fellow Big Bang Theory cast member Simon Helberg. Bialik also wrote the screenplay, which is about a successful divorced mother of two who rekindles love in her life amidst the crazy antics of her dysfunctional family. Now she attempts to convince the stubborn, and comically unfortunate family members to hold it together while they embrace one final farewell.

Project comes from producers Anne Clements (Stage Mother), and Ash Christian (After Everything) and Clay Epstein’s Film Mode Entertainment, which is shopping it at AFM.

Bialik is a two-time winner of the Critic’s Choice Television Award for best supporting actress for The Big Bang Theory, she also played the title role in 90s sitcom Blossom. Her production company, Sad Clown Productions, recently inked a multi-year deal with WBTV including a talent-holding provision for her acting services; she also holds a PhD in Neuroscience from UCLA and has published four books.

“It is an incredible honor and a writer and director’s dream come true to work with actors I’ve respected and adored my entire life. I cannot wait to see what we can create together,“ said Bialik.

“We can’t wait to see this stellar cast bring such lovable and interesting characters to life. It’s evident that these amazing actors share our love of the materials and we are thrilled to see Mayim’s vision become a reality,” added Epstein.