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21/08/201826 celebrities you didn't know were roommatesLea MicheleArticleInsider
22/06/2018CAA Promotes Eric Schonberg to AgentAgentArticleVariety
13/05/2018‘Berlin, I Love You’ Sells to Saban FilmsBerlin, I Love YouArticleThe Wrap
09/04/2018How Dianna Agron Preps Her Skin With SK-II for a Major Movie RoleBeautyArticle/InterviewVogue
00/01/2018Lightness of Being: Dianna Agron (Harper's Bazaar Malaysia)General Article/InterviewHarper's Bazaar Malaysia


02/11/2017Dianna Agron Is Ready for Her Next ActNovitiateArticle/InterviewWWD
30/10/2017Dianna Agron on the Novitiate Scene That Made Her Cry “Really Hard”NovitiateInterviewElle
26/10/2017Novitiate Review: The Rolling StoneNovitiateReviewRolling Stone
23/10/2017Novitiate Review: Shock YaNovitiateReviewShock Ya
23/10/2017Dianna Agron Was Once Bullied For Her FaithNovitiateInterviewCoveteur
13/07/2017Dianna Agron on Cory Monteith: "I Miss Every Bit of You"Cory MonteithArticleTeen Vogue


18/10/2016Dianna Agron Wore Two Stunning Runway Looks To Her Moroccan WeddingFashion, Her WeddingArticleHarper's Bazaar
14/06/2016Dianna Agron's Got Ideas on How to Wear a Long, Pretty Dress This SummerFashionArticleGlamour
31/03/2016Engaged Dianna Agron Lists Hollywood Hills Bachelorette PadHousingArticleVariety


29/10/2015Dianna Agron On Sexuality, Hollywood, And Her Bravest Role YetBareInterviewNylon
29/10/2015Dianna Agron on Bare: “A Sex Scene Is Never an Easy Thing to Do”BareArticleInStyle
28/10/2015Dianna Agron Departs From ‘Glee’ With LGBT Drama ‘Bare’BareInterviewBust
17/09/2015Dianna Agron’s fashion advice: ‘Don’t listen to the rules’FashionArticleNY Post
03/09/2015L’Américaine: Behind the Scenes With Director Dianna AgronL’AméricaineInterviewTory Daily
03/09/2015L’Américaine: Meet the Actress, Margaret QualleyL’AméricaineOthers on DiannaTory Daily
03/09/2015Dianna Agron Cured My Bitchy Resting FaceBeautyInterviewElle
00/09/2015Dianna Agron for Marie Claire Italy about becoming a DirectorL’AméricaineInterviewMarie Claire Italia
28/08/2015The Crew dish on the charming 'An American in Paris'–themed projectL’AméricaineInterviewPret-a-Reporter
24/08/2015Her Secret To Looking Like She’s Still in High SchoolBeautyInterviewTeen Vogue
18/08/2015Dianna Agron: “It’s So Much Sexier to Be Pale”Beauty InterviewPopSugar
11/06/2015Dianna Agron Interview: from Glee to McQueenMcQueenInterviewI-D Vice
03/06/2015The Big Interview: Dianna Agron talks McQueenMcQueenInterviewOfficial London Theatre
14/05/2015Telegraph: “Nobody in Hollywood wants to pay anybody anymore”McQueenInterviewThe Telegraph
23/04/2015Dianna Agron on the ‘Eye-Opening’ Experience of ‘Bare’BareTranscriptWall Street Journal
27/01/2015Politicians and Prostitutes: Dianna’s New Sundance Movie GOES ThereZipperInterviewMarie Claire
26/01/2015Dianna Agron Told Us All About Her Big Sundance RoleZipperArticleTeen Vogue
00/00/2015IndieLondon: Dianna Agron talks The FamilyThe FamilyInterviewIndieLondon
20/03/2015Dianna Agron will make her West End debut in Alexander McQueen playMcQueenArticleHello Magazine
29/01/2015Dianna Agron Loves Pilates, Great MascaraBeautyInterviewW Magazine
00/01/20152015: OK! Magazine (Australia) - January issueHerselfArticleOK! Magazine


28/11/2014Dianna Talks Bombshells, Blonde Beauty Secrets, And Growing Up in The BayThe Crash, GeneralInterviewGalore Mag
27/10/2014Working With Sam Smith, Kissing Chris Messina, and Returning to GleeMusic VideoArticle/InterviewGlamour
11/07/2014Daijah interviews Dianna Agron for an essay on creativityCreativity Article826la
08/05/2014Guess Who's on the World's Sexiest Women ListBeautyArticleHaaretz


05/10/20135 Things You Didn’t Know About Dianna AgronHerselfArticleReal Style Network
15/09/2013Dianna Agron Is A Huge Supporter Of Indie DesignersFashionInterviewRefinery29
13/09/2013The Dark Side of Dianna AgronBeautyArticleByrdie
12/09/2013MTV's Questions and Answers with Dianna AgronThe FamilyInterviewMTV
12/09/2013The Irish Independent: From glee to psycho babeThe Family, GleeInterviewThe Irish Independent
31/08/2013Dianna Agron graduates from ‘Glee cheerleader to mafia princessThe FamilyArticle/InterviewNY Post
00/08/2013Meet The Manzonis – aka The Blakes: Cast InterviewsThe FamilyArticleFemale AU
26/07/2013Dianna Agron and Somaly Mam Foundation Are on a Mission to Stop TraffickingSomaly Man FoundationArticleInStyle


15/11/2012Dianna Talks Quinn’s Thanksgiving Return, Kitty and CatfightsGlee, The FamilyInterviewCelebuzz
14/11/2012Dianna Reveals her Artistic Ambitions and Hints at What's Next on 'Glee'Nintendo, Writing, SingingInterviewTeen Vogue
14/11/2012Dianna Spills Her Gadget Must Haves and Secret LOLcat ObsessionNintendoArticle/InterviewPopsugar
13/11/2012Dianna Agron Talks About Gaming, Glee and Taylor SwiftNintendo, The Family +InterviewClevver
08/11/2012An interview with the classy Dianna AgronNintendo, Glee +InterviewSheKnows
19/01/2012Dianna Agron Talks New Site, That Game-Changing Haircut, & MusicFashion, You Me & CharlieInterviewRefinery29


14/09/2011Dianna Agron, Kevin McHale interview: ‘Quinn and Artie should date’GleeInterviewDigital Spy
26/05/2011Interview: Dianna Agron From ‘I Am Number Four’I am Number FourInterviewFanbolt
14/06/2011Dianna Agron speaks up for Gay RightsActivism, LGBTArticleNewshub
20/05/2011Rolling Stone: ‘Glee’ Gone WildGleeArticleRolling Stone
05/05/2011Dianna’s Met Ball Hairstylist: How To Create The Perfect Ponytail!HairArticleHollywood Life
12/04/2011Dianna, Lea and Amber for Marie Claire – Get Your Gleek On!GleeInterviewMarie Claire
01/03/2011Q&A with Dianna Agron, Star of Glee and I Am Number FourI am Number FourInterviewTeen Vogue
25/02/2011Exclusive Interview: I Am Number Four's Dianna AgronI Am Number Four, GleeInterviewSeventeen
17/02/2011Glee’s Dianna Agron Takes To The Big ScreenI am Number FourArticleCinemovie
13/02/2011Dianna Agron of 'Glee' heads into alien territoryLifeArticleSF Chronicle
03/02/2011Dianna talks I Am Number Four and Glee Super Bowl EpisodeI am Number Four, GleeInterviewCollider
19/01/2011ELLE Interview: Dianna Agron Reigns SupremeGeneral InterviewInterviewElle Canada
18/01/2011Dianna Agron on Life, Glee and the PaparazziGleeInterviewInterview Magazine


22/10/2010Dianna's Brother Says Criticism Of Mag Spread Is ‘Outrageous’PhotoshootOthers Talk DiannaRadar Online
18/10/2010GQ Magazine October 2010: Glee Gone WildGleeArticleGQ Magazine
12/09/2010Dianna Agron Is ‘Sorry’ for GQ Glee PhotosGleeArticlePeople Magazine
21/01/2010Dianna on Auditions, Screenplays and Role in Upcoming BURLESQUEBurlesqueArticleBroadway World
11/01/2010Dianna Agron: Interview MagazineGleeArticleInterview Magazine