elcome to Dianna Agron Heaven, an exclusive and in-depth fansite for the talented actress Dianna Agron. Known from projects such as "Glee", "The Family", "I am Number Four" and more recently "Novitiate" and "Hollow in The Land", Dianna has through her career captured both film and television audiences alike with her strong performances and incredible charm. Our goal is to provide fans with an extensive resource on Dianna, with high quality photos, all the latest news, career information, fan pages and graphics. I hope you will enjoy the site, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. - Sara, DA.ORG
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Dianna has played a wide range of different film characters over the years, and picking a favorite isn’t easy! In this poll you can vote for your personal favorite (you can vote for up to 3 if you find it impossible to narrow it down to just one), and see who other fans have voted for!

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