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Parents: Mary Agron and Ronald S. Agron:
Mary was a Christian, who later converted to Judaism when she met Ronald. Dianna’s father is a general manager of Hyatt hotels. Due to his job, Dianna and her family lived in several different hotels during her upbringing. Ron was born to a Jewish family, with a mother who converted to Judaism. At the age of 15, Dianna found out her father had multiple sclerosis. In an interview for Cosmopolitan, she revealed, “Quite a bit changed after that. At that age, you don’t see mortality in your parents.” The disease caused her parents’ relationship to fall apart, and they decided to separate, which was devastating for Dianna and her younger brother Jason at the time. She stated, “I had to play therapist to my family… be the glue. Those kinds of things I’m not ready to speak about yet.”

Brother: Jason Agron
Jason Agron is Dianna’s little brother. He is a photographer, stating at his official website: “When I picked up a camera at a young age, I had no idea my creative outlet could also turn into my livelihood. I’ve always had a passion for making timepieces of subjects and experiences, nailing that shot that puts smiles on peoples faces. The thrill of capturing moments during a live show or creating an amazing portrait, there’s nothing else quite like it.”. Jason has photographed Dianna a couple of times, behind the scenes at events, or just as outdoor portrait sessions. He was also in the Nintendo 3DS commercial Dianna did in 2014, and he appeared in Goldroom’s “Till Sunrise” music video.

Below you can find some photos of Dianna with her closest family – all shared publicly by Dianna herself.