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Artist: Goldroom
Featured artist: The Mammals
Released: 2014
Genre: Dance/electronic

In 2014, Dianna directed the music video for Goldroom’s “Till Sunrise”, which starred her little brother Jason Agron. For the girl part, Dianna cast Gabby Haugh who starred alongside her in “Headlock” as her little sister. “I’m lucky he loves me and was game. Although, he did get to kiss beautiful Gabby in the end, so I guess it wasn’t the worst day ever. I mean, come on” Dianna told Billboard in an interview about the new video. The song, which was released on August 10 2014 via Binary Entertainment, features Australian vocalist Mammals (real name: Guy Brown).

“When Dianna told me her vision of romantic innocence set to the backdrop of downtown, I was hooked. ‘Till Sunrise’ is all about fantasy and what-ifs, and for me this video captures that dream perfectly.” – Josh Legg, Video Producer